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Thursday, May 24, 2012


I shall be a little late getting #260 up on the blog. I shall be at my parents who do not believe in new-fangled computer things.


Ruth said...

I regret being behind on your poetry. I look forward to the next.

Your remarks about your parents reminds me of Wendell Berry, who does not own a computer. We had a literary graffiti event in my university building recently, writing on the walls of the public spaces, in anticipation of the building coming down in the next year, sadly. My friend wrote a Wendell Berry quote on the wall above the photocopier, which I thought was apt.

I am delighted to hear about the restoration plans of the boathouse at Cranbrook. Keep me posted. It might be fun to meet up there when it's finished, unless you are too shy.

cindy said...
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Montag said...

Ha! I was thinking along the same lines. I was too shy to mention it.

I was also wondering if we could still do something on the topic... something very different from the norm of fund-raising and such.

Montag said...

Hey, does Wendell Berry live in Ann Arbor?

Ruth said...

Sorry to be late.

No, Berry lives on his mother's farm (she is past) in Kentucky.

So let's both overcome our shyness (see I already did) and figure something out about the boathouse. What kind of something shall we do on the topic? I wonder if there is anyone around who could fill us in on some history?

Montag said...

Let me do some digging around. I am sure I still have your email address on a list I printed when my emails developed a bug.

I am not so much shy, as I am goofy and annoying and offering few benefits to go along with the down-side stuff.