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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fast Day 238 December 20 2011 {Wildflower Girl}

Wildflower Girl

Daughter, oak and pine
of Christmas time!
Beyond the Jordan and within
the forests of Carmel;
handsome evergreen oleander girl;
upon the dried river beds
when gentle rain brings a flood
of gaudy tulip and blue lupin,
and fragrant winds blow to Bethlehem,
we embark and our confident bows
bite the foam of hollyhock!


bows  - bow of a boat
bite the foam  -  the white water of a boat's bow cutting through waves has been often compared to a dog biting a bone, hence bite the foam indicates a boat's progress... usually upstream, hence the turbulence.

even though the rivers may be dry, a rain brings a bloom of flowers like a botanic flood... and we launch our boats upon this torrent and wend our way to Bethlehem... 
Our prayer for the future this Christmas:  although the waters may be gone, send us a river of grace.


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