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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fast Day 120 September 19 2009 {Ghazelles}


O, delight of the eyes!
dancing in the court of the sun!
dancing to the lyre of enchantment!
my bewildered thought...
my plain and simple passion...
beating my heart like a dhow upon
the Red Sea's storm!
the dynamite of touch!
razzia of devotion!
melt slowly...
into the ghazelle's soft, wet
tender muzzle!


razzia - a desert raid by desert tribes


Ruth said...

Merhaba, nasılsınız?


Montag said...

Idare ediyorum.

That is the extent of my memory of Central Asia...other than "public restroom" for which I hope the term is "hammaam" just as it is in Arabic.