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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fast Day 114 August 8 2009 {Kick-Ass Mary}

Kick-Ass Mary

How great the pain that pierced your heart,
Mother, when they raised Him on the cross;
ceaseless furrows of your tears record the
tsunami of your loss!
Hammer and spear, thorns and scourge,
all life from your soul did purge?

"My pain blinded everything else, I could not stand;
I admit that in my pain I cried a few
tears and screamed in my deep despair... softened
by the mound of stones I threw!
from Roman heads came blood, their cries attest:
'Get that Jew bitch! That Jewish terrorist!' "

the Virgin Mary is usually depicted as silently suffering during the passion of Jesus. However, she fought for her kids like a soldier, and drew the blood of killers. She still fights for us.
(as I explain in a comment, I tired of Mary being portrayed as Our Lady of Perpetual Victimization.)


Ruth said...

I didn't know that.

Your poem reminds me of Carol Ann Duffy's lines in "History":

She was History.
She'd seen them ease him down
from the Cross, his mother gasping
for breath, as though his death
was a difficult birth, the soldiers spitting,
spears in the earth;

Montag said...

Well, the usual accounts don't say this. That's the way I see the Virgin Mary - a fighter for her children. Any mother would fight for her children.

I grew tired of her being portrayed as Our Lady of Perpetual Victimization.