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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fast Day 62 August 8, 2008 {Getting Around the Motor City}

Getting Around The Motor City

Imagine speed, imagine charm;
fastest car to recall,
fastest to the line-
the harsh award of size and speed
a bouquet for Detroit!
Extreme, extreme, unimaginable;
quickest, lucid, lashivous lickerish!
high speed auto, off the line;
and hell with economy!
burn the gas and the breeze
down the highway, the throbbing
highway, the pulsator road!
The ben wa stoplights of delight,
oh, motor city!
oh, international airlines
the neon signs of blood and lust
that chill and fry on 8 Mile
where everything breaks down
and stands on Ozymandias'
broken legs of marble
still standing and...
fending off the desert.

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