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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fast Day 95 March 28 2009 {Intoxication}

A Poppy Field in France


Before Dionysos created wine,
before Gaia of the poppies
gave dreams in Crete of intense delight,
your love was the intoxicant.

Before Apollo's sunbright beam,
before the flight of Eos, who
shot arrows from a photonic quiver
your smile was the dawn.

Before the Sibyl's book.
before the Delphic sage,
and the sensuality of wisdom,
your touch was my intuition.

Before Atlantis sank,
before farthest Thule,
and caravans to Samarkand,
you were the unknown land!

Before I drink the nectar-draught,
before I sing my endless ode,
once more a weary nomad trek
across your lovely threshhold!


Dionysos was the ancient god of wine;
ancient Crete had a goddess - whom I call Gaia - who wore a crown of poppy heads;
The Delphic sage was the ancient oracle of Apollo at Delphi;
Thule was Ultima Thule, the most far away in the world;

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