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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fast Day 40 March 8, 2008 {Let Me Die With The Philistines!}

Let Me Die With The Philistines!

Samson went down to Sorek to rest
after fighting an army with an ass
his jawbone swung like a Vietnam chopper
God, he laid 'em low!

Samson found a lady there whose face
shone with paparazzi flashes
and the E news asked if this was love
for Sammie and Delilah.

Samson went down to Gaza
when he could no longer see;
he plied a bunker-buster bomb on
all of Philistee-yaa!

Samson died with all the gods of the cities
seven of suburban Palestine;
Delilah scaped the murderous sermon
since she did not go to Temple!

When we go blind to Gaza,
after we've lost our sight,
we harvest eleven hundred silver drams
for each life destroyed delight!

O bind me with a bowstring!
O bind me with 7 ropes!
Weave my hair within the fustian linen
of the world's winding!

I shall not brake for children
in the temple's daycare;
let the limestone temple be
the eating box of flesh!

We stood upon the stylobate and pushed
mightily against the shaft;
welcome murdering architraves that metast
the future all our past.

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