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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fast Day 21 October 27, 2007 {For Peace}

For peace

My love is not low-cost;
and love is not efficient.
My children burst into my time
and cause me grief and anger.

My friendship's not insured;
it has not been assayed.
The exoskeleton of love
is filled with just our touch.

My baby is not digital;
my devotion has no logic.
My children are uneconomic
unthrifty, unfrugal and squandrous.

My fear's not fully invested;
my prayer is not for sale.
My grandfathers' honor is wasteful
of the food and drink we offer!

My love is unscheduled;
my lover takes too much band width.
My children are the pilgrimage of everything
I am and everything I'll ever be!

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