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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fast Day 15 September 14, 2007 {Penelope Dreams Of Odysseus}

There's no end in sight for this fasting.
Worse yet, now the entire World of Islam has started fasting for four weeks.

Penelope Dreams of Odysseus

Penelope knew that trick thing he did on the beach...
lying there naked and quite exhausted,
feigning sleep or comatose
condition vegetative,
yet hardly so...
a "mast" of his wreck'd craft,
sunken, invisible,
yet lofted a soggy pennon, remnant
of a shirt.
They laughed.
That's when she fell in love with him.

Now he's been gone 10 years and she's gotten used
to his image naked of touch and smell,
stripped of memory
almost; deep roots
she cannot reach.
He's either dead this long time...
(wait)...or does that Beach Blanket Trick thing
for some trampy
Nauticaali whore on a
Cancun golden beach.
She listened to the birds' morning news!

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